The Post-Critical Web Radio Communication Laboratory is an experimental space with an emphasis on research on forms and supports of/for alternative communication, confronting them with media apparatuses and oligopolies, aiming, in this confrontation, to produce forms of production and diffusion of critical-cultural knowledge that articulates networks of creators at local, regional, national and international levels.

Through searches in radio and television sources, among others, on the internet, as well as through the exhibition of documentaries about the media system, courses, workshops, lectures, among others, both as results of teacher and student research and as scientific devices for a semiology of the media, in order to allow a systematic reflection on the forms of control exercised by the communication oligopolies, their mechanisms of discursive formation, their economic interests, as well as, on the contrary, to prepare and form a view that promotes the emptying of these devices of reactive power and knowledge.

It will add to its activities research projects at the Scientific Initiation and Postgraduate level related to the history, criticism, theory and methodology of the current media communication system and its interfaces: advertising and the visual system in the didactic material, the absence of the of public debt in the intellectual system, the place of emerging countries in the US Department of State, the daily information on university and educational websites, radios and TVs, commercial advertising in the body of cities, the representation of the West in the form of production of cultural capital. It establishes the same methodology as the other laboratories that host the student researcher, at all levels of training, as well as in partnerships with public institutions and non-governmental institutions and entities linked to social movements.


Room with sound table, microphones, 03 computers for editing and disseminating news and knowledge. In the final stage of setting up a website, initially for webradio and, later, for webTV, in conjunction with the Audiovisual Laboratory.

In addition to these spaces in/in the laboratories, described above, we also have the following:

1) 03 contiguous rooms that house the secretariat, coordination and storage of equipment in use (datashow, tv, camcorder, etc.)

2) Research offices (09 rooms) for researchers from each line, properly equipped with tables, chairs, computers, lockers, files and student service environments and an electronic whiteboard acquired with Capes resources for LIFE (Interdisciplinary Training Laboratory of Educators), in addition to a space equipped for the visiting researcher or in the post-coutoral internship.

3) The workshop of the cultural critic – student laboratory – with 4 benches for 24 computers, chairs, table, cabinets for storing books and material, wireless network, print server with capacity for 30 thousand copies per month, in addition to programs and free software applications.