Two rooms, one room with a terminal for consultations, research and reading; another, with a desk and a sliding file to organize documents in various formats and supports. There is a project to expand this space, with another room for the reception of files and donations, another for the scenographic exhibition of works and biographies of scientific and cultural personalities, a small auditorium, in addition to a Laboratory for the Restoration of rare printed material. Equipment: cleaning table, to eliminate residues and dust from documents; bench and dionizing filter, to purify water for aqueous treatment of papers; reinfibration machine, to recompose the physical structure of the document; vertical press and guillotine, for cutting paper and binding documents; freezer, to treat documents with fungi; 45 weight paper, to restore books and documents. In the coming months, we will be receiving a Digital Planetarium, supported by the Pro-Equimentos Notice from Capes 24/2012: Copibook ONYX HD Planetarium Scanner – scanners for flat documents, books, rare & historical works. Full color, true 600 dpi optical resolution for A2 format.

Definition, function and operating modes:

The Iraci Gama Documentation Center: a cultural memory laboratory is a space for experimentation and production with an emphasis on researching cultural memory documents, such as ancient, modern and contemporary texts, photos, videos, oral documents, among others, concerning research, teaching and extension projects of faculty members and students, including graduates, of the Graduate Program in Cultural Criticism and its partnerships, agreements and local, regional, national and international scientific cooperation.

Through documents generated by research, as well as through the reception of files donated by scientific and cultural personalities, courses, workshops, lectures, among others, aimed at inventory, physical and critical-textual recomposition of documents, availability for research, to the scenographic exhibition of representative works, in order to allow a systematic reflection on the right to memory on the part of people, tribes, communities and peoples, evicted from their language, culture, territory and from the spaces of dramatization of themselves in the relationship between forms knowledge and power, thus giving rise to new ways of knowing and dealing with barbaric documents.

As a place of research, exhibition, debate and formation of a look at the documents of cultural memory, the Centro de Documentação Iraci Gama: a laboratory of cultural memory, must also be constituted as a space for the researcher’s internship in Criticism Cultural, within the scope of master’s and doctoral courses, whose projects focus on memory and the constitution of collections.

The Iraci Gama Documentation Center: a laboratory of cultural memory will add to its activities research projects at the Scientific Initiation and Postgraduate level related to memory and the constitution of collections and their interfaces: primary sources, textual criticism, paleography, oral history , information systems, cleaning and treatment of rare documents, text editing.