The Oswald de Andrade Art Room: An audiovisual laboratory for the critique of culture, supported within the scope of the FAPESB Public Call/Research Infrastructure 011/2012, is a multipurpose space, but with an emphasis on research, exhibition, debate and dissemination of audiovisual signs , such as films, videos, among others, concerning research, teaching and extension projects of faculty members and students, including graduates, of the Graduate Program in Cultural Criticism and its partnerships, agreements and local scientific cooperation , regional, national and international.

Through searches in audiovisual sources on the internet, as well as through the exhibition of portable audiovisual documents, courses, workshops, lectures, festivals, among others, both as results of teacher and student research and as scientific devices for semiological research with the community, in order to allow a systematic reflection on the simulacrum that shapes and shapes contemporary society, in addition to preparing and forming a view that considers the self in the relations between knowledge and power, thus promoting the emergence of new cultural subjects and translators.

It will add to its activities research projects at the Scientific Initiation and Postgraduate level related to audiovisual and its interfaces: digital sources, cultural semiology, audiovisual editing, dissemination of knowledge and history, criticism, theory and praxis of audiovisual. It establishes the same methodology as the other laboratories that host the student researcher, at all levels of training, as well as in partnerships with public institutions and non-governmental institutions and entities linked to Social Movements that aim to produce and disseminate critical-cultural and cultural knowledge. that act against the reactive simulacra produced by the hegemonic audiovisual systems.


A projection room with 120 seats, a multimedia projector of 3,200 lumens, amplifiers of channels of 1000 and 300 w, 04 and 08 ohms, analog mixer, digital equalizer, and professional screen of 200 inches. In addition to this space, there is a space adjacent to it that, instead of a dressing room, we will use to install equipment for a webTV.