Digital Cinema Project: An Audiovisual Laboratory of Culture Criticism

Coordinator and vice-coordinator of Digital Cinema:

Prof. Dr. Washington Lima Drummond and Prof. Dr. Osmar Moreira dos Santos


It is an art room, called Sala de Arte Oswald de Andrade, with an acoustic, sound and lighting structure, integrated with other equipment of the program (Fábrica de Letras, Center for Advanced Research, Interdisciplinary Cultural Documentation and Laboratory for the Restoration of Impressos Raros, Rádioweb and the Laboratory of Critical-Cultural Thinking) and which aims, in addition to showing films from various cinematographies, and semiologically practicing the reading of their structuring elements – script, photography, lighting, plans, cultural representations – to involve the scientific community, located within the range of action and exchanges of the Graduate Program in Cultural Criticism, as well as involving the regional community and its network of public and private schools and, with that, fulfilling an old dream of the Brazilian scientific system: transferring research results for Basic Education and its cultural interfaces. It is hoped that this audiovisual laboratory of cultural criticism will not only guarantee the conditions for research and the transfer of results, proper to a postgraduate program located in the area of ​​language and the humanities, but the expansion of our search sources.

Keywords: cinema, archives, memory, semiology, research.


Expand and integrate the Culture Criticism laboratories of Campus II of UNEB, in Alagoinhas, as a broader, more advanced, and technologically innovative condition for the research of sources and their digital files.


1 – Create access conditions to western and eastern cinematographic sources;

2 – Create conditions for the practice of meaning from the reading and interpretation of western and eastern cinematographic films;

3 – Integrate digital cinema or audio-visual laboratory to the graphic editing island and to the advanced research center, interdisciplinary cultural documentation and print restoration laboratory of the Post-Graduate Cultural Criticism Building on Campus II from UNEB, in Alagoinhas;

4 – Transfer results to the scientific community, to the education and culture departments, as well as to public school networks in their interfaces with cultural policy; 5 – Raise the concept of the Graduate Program in Cultural Criticism of the Department of Education of Campus II of UNEB, in Alagoinhas.

Semiological research projects, in the elaboration phase, and which will be carried out between October and December 2016, let us mention a few:

Literature in Film and Television Project, aimed at an exhibition and debate of novels adapted for film and television, whose target audience is students and teachers of Basic Education;

Project Images of the Empire, exhibition and debates of films aimed at deconstructing the imperialist rhetoric of the United States, whose target audience is any and all citizens, citizens interested in rethinking Brazil’s leading role in the world, but prevented by US shadow and control;

Emerging Transnational Powers Project and its cultural sieves, exhibition and debates of films produced within the scope of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), whose target audience is any and all citizens, interested citizens in rethinking Brazil’s leading role in the world, based on its cultural connections on the fringes of the coup rhetoric recently installed in the Brazilian government. Along these lines, there are a series of other projects, proposed by professors and students affiliated to the Cultural Criticism Program, composing an exhibition, debate, research agenda almost every day of the week and involving the scientific community and the local community.